Martin Pergler received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2000 (advisor: Robert Zimmer).

He previously obtained an S.M. in mathematics from the same university in 1994 and a B.Sc. Highest Honours in mathematics from Carleton University in Canada in 1993.

The information in this section is rather obsolete, but there were requests to repost it when I removed it in 2007, and so I am providing access as-is.


Teaching and expository writing

Math and music

I am a clarinetist, recorder player, and singer (bass-baritone - chorister and soloist). I was an active serious amateur and freelancer in the 1990s, predating YouTube and streaming media and so not preserved for posterity online (a performance on NPR's Performance Today occasionally bubbles up in their archives, but doesn't have a consistent address).

However, I did apply maths to some questions of intonation and woodwind playing which appeared on a now-defunct acoustics/music e-journal: note and followup.