Martin Pergler is an expert in risk management and risk-informed decisionmaking (decisions under uncertainty). He is founder and principal at Balanced Risk Strategies, Ltd. and was previously Senior Risk Expert at McKinsey & Company. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, but serves clients worldwide and has in particular spent extended periods based in Chicago, Prague, Singapore, as well as Montréal.

The following is a selection of Martin's readily available articles and conference presentations as of late 2014; a fuller and more up to date list is maintained here. See also a periodic blog of ideas and events.
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  • "Chinese Company Risk Management Transformation Is of Great Urgency”, article in China Business News, May 20, 2011 (in Mandarin) 
  • Presentations at the GARP annual conference in 2008 ("Moving from risk management to risk-informed decisionmaking") and 2009 ("Upgrading your risk assessment for uncertain times")
  • Presentations at the AFP Executive Institute in 2008 ("Seeing around the corner: navigating today's risky world"), their Corporate Risk Forum in 2009 ("Identifying and understanding emerging risks"), and the Executive Institute again in 2011 ("The culture of risk")
  • "As the greenback plummets, protection is possible", brief article in The Globe and Mail (March 2008)